What do you think of when you hear eSports? If you’re not in the computing or gaming world, maybe not much. In this article, Marcus Clarke from Computer Planet shares some insight into the range of careers options available in the eSports industry? Enjoy!

Climbing the career ladder is no small feat. Luckily, the modern world has created a new industry for jobs within the eSports market. This multi-million dollar  industry revolves around competitive video games that are played online and streamed to thousands of fans internationally. The industry is becoming lucrative and is opening to not only professional gamers and tech-savvy roles, but also for typical career roles in finance, marketing and design.

The expected technology and IT roles such as software engineers, mobile developers and game designers are in high demand throughout the esports industry. However, this market has also expanded to include art and design careers including 2D and 3D booth planners, apparel designers and merchandisers. Non-typical roles such as translation and interpretation services are required for better communication between fans and players on the international stage, while social media platforms have opened a whole new area for online content generators and community moderators. Marketing, finance and business roles are required to manage high-profile sponsors and business operations for this industry that is projected to achieve revenues of up to 1.5 billion US dollars by 2020.

Aside from creating an industry that offers competitive salaries and the opportunity for international networking and travel, jobs within the eSports market offer a chance to work with the newest technology available. This modern job market offers new prospects for part-time and remote work and is suitable for fresh graduates, young professionals, working mothers and senior professionals alike. The below infographic from Computer Planet allows for quick oversight of some popular job types and associated salaries within the esports industry. It also provides an overview of the skills and experience that jobs within the industry require. This booming industry is ready to welcome aspiring professionals from every background.

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