The Aspiring Professionals Hub – Developing and supporting our network of successful professionals.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.


How would you define professional success? What do you need to do to achieve it?

Amara and Emmanuel created the Aspiring Professionals Hub (APH) – an information portal and academic & career skills training provider to develop a global network of professionals and leaders and support them in achieving personal and professional success.

Our goal is to equip our network with the knowledge, skills and contacts they need to succeed. With a combined professional experience of over 20 years, spanning 2 continents and diverse sectors – academia, industry, healthcare, non-profit – we believe that we not only have a unique insight into the challenges faced by aspiring professionals in achieving their academic and career goals but also the expertise to provide the ‘map’ and the ‘tools’ for the journey. Beyond our expertise though, we have a great network of mentors, colleagues and friends who share their wisdom here too!

Being successful is not a one off act but embracing a philosophy of delivering excellence in all you do.

Inspiring writing, Impactful Training Events

 “…Email addresses exchanged and promises to keep in touch, and then it hit me, I had applied what I learnt at the APH networking workshop.  The old me would never ever have initiated a connection.”

 Kizzie, Postgraduate student at UWE, Bristol (2016)

Our information hub – is a resource full of inspiring writing discussing Careers & Employability, Education and Skills related issues. From articles on how to prepare your CV for a job application or perform well at interviews to the powerful, personal stories shared in #MyCareerStory, our goal is to share ideas, strategies and lessons to engage and empower our global readership.

Our bespoke academic & career skills training workshops are designed to provide an excellent learning experience in meeting the personal and professional development requirements of our clients.

Interested in gaining the tools you need to become a successful professional? Join our network of aspiring professionals and gain access to exclusive content and mentorship.

Except where stated, articles on this website have been written by us. We also welcome articles from anyone who would like to contribute to The Hub as it is a learning space. Please contact us using the details below.

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