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Image – Dolapo Oni

Have you ever wondered what a career as a research analyst looks like? What do research analysts do? What exactly is being researched and analysed? To provide some more insight into developing a career in Research, Amara interviewed Dolapo Oni, Head of Energy Research at Ecobank Capital – a subsidiary of EcoBank.

APH: Can you tell us about your educational and professional background? 

DO: I studied Economics at undergraduate and postgraduate level at the Universities of Uyo and Ibadan, Nigeria.  After my undergraduate degree, I worked as a staff writer for a company that published a magazine called ‘Networth.’ My real work started after my Masters when I joined Agusto & Co. Ltd, a credit ratings and research firm. This is where I really started my affair with research. Although my role as a staff writer had kicked things off in the right direction, I discovered my passion for information gathering, analysis and reporting. I was with Agusto for about four and a half years before joining Ecobank’s Research team. I am currently the Head of our Energy Research desk and have been with the bank for about 4 years.

I know there are different kinds of research analysts – marketing, decision support, business data – please could you shed some light on what a research analyst does? 

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